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When I discovered that large amounts of essential oils such as Lavender, Wintergreen, etc were being imported by Young Living from places such as China, the safety net we always had of “we have our own farms” quickly evaporated and felt all we were led to believe was false (this is easily verifiable by looking up public record import logs for customs on websites such as Port Examiner and 52wmb.) The point was we didn’t know how this could happen and that is why we wanted answers.For those that do not know me, I’ve been a Young Living member and distributor since 2011.A great deal of emphasis in the statement is placed on the data libraries the testing labs use.If this was a possible reason for a false reading, I would assume YL would want to reach out to that lab to confirm their data?

There is mention of conferring with “leading experts” on Carbon 14 analysis but no mention of who these experts are, which I think is highly relevant if you are going to site experts as facts. With the claim of being the “world leader in essential oils” consumers and customers hold Young Living to a high standard and expect the transparency that the company so commonly proclaims.You all can make those decisions for yourself based on the facts presented.All of the statements issued by Young Living and Dr.The fact remains that multiple oils/lots were tested and problems were found.The subsequent handling of the issue by Young Living was, in my opinion, very poorly executed.

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In the letter I am given the option of removing my blog and comments, or terminate my membership.

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