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Fluorine Analysis, Radiometric Essay and Collagen Content are three bone and tooth assessments.

Ancient inorganic material can be assessed using Potassium-Argon Dating.

Tree Ring Dating (Dendrochronology) provides accurate information.

Professor Scott Woodward has developed DNA matching of parchment fragments.

You may wish to save it: Click on Edit, Select All, COPY, Open a new MICROSOFT WORD file, Paste, and Save. Muslim influence is strong over large areas, and their record, in preservation and allowing study of sites and objects of importance, is far from exemplary.

Varied attitudes are found amongst Jewish archaeologists, who obviously have an enthusiastic domination in Israel: ranging from the co-operative, to the dismissive.

With the huge amounts of finance paid for ancient artefacts by avid collectors, and the development of skills in forgery, recent exhibits without true academic provenance must be treated with due care.

Sir Flinders Petrie – called the father of Palestinian stratigraphical archaeology, pioneered Palestinian Archaeology with the start of his work at Tel Hesi in 1890.

This can often determine the authenticity of objects.New information comes to light by the week, and one year alone saw 300 locations being excavated in Israel.ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE OLD TESTAMENT Attacks on the Scriptures used to suggest that writing was invented relatively late: ancient Ebla is just one source of evidence to disprove this, with the use of an early North Western Semitic dialect, employing the Sumerian cuneiform script. When scientific archaeologists find a written language – containing and communicating data, they sense a contact with a person and a mind.A library containing 18,000 texts is dated c 2,300 BC (c, stands for the Latin word “circa” – meaning “about the time”). in the forms actually preserved to us in the extant Old Testament – Hebrew literature shows very close external stylistic similarities to other Ancient Oriental literatures among which (and as part of which) it grew up.” (Professor K. Kitchen.) There is nothing in the Ancient Orient to give support to the old “documentary theories” associated with Wellhausen. Why then, when geneticists consider a hugely more complex storage, and communication, of data in the human genome, do they not sense the mind and presence of God?There is absolutely no escape from this confrontation!

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Infrared photography reveals patterns of soil and stones in the ground, and can produce enhanced images of faded artwork.

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