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They reflect that set of values, which we have since outgrown. MARRIAGE HAS BEEN EXACTLY THE SAME IN ALL ITS FORMS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!AND SINCE IT WAS ONE WAY A THOUSAND YEARS AGO THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES IT GOOD AND WE SHOULDN'T CHANGE IT!Shiites contest that there is such a volume 4, although the book itself is known to exist. Look at the number on the bottom spine of the book and compare it to the arabic numbers in the second link. That is, unless it is under special circumstances, although I can't imagine which ones. It's been a long time since I read it and my memories of the content are very dim (except that most of it was extremely ridiculous) but I don't think he condoned bestiality.So, you look up the Wiki and there's a photo labeled volume 4. I know that Khomeni gave a lot of fatwa's (religious rulings) on many many things that, quite frankly, go AGAINST Islam.

Village elders advised him to accept Majabin as payment for a gambling debt.

One has to remember that the holy books of booth religions were written in another time, where marriage at a very young age was common, although often more as a political gesture than what we today considers reasons to marry.

They reflect that set of values, which we have since outgrown.

There is censorship that is oppressive (ie re other views,political opinions etc).stuff like this and child porn,do not belong on the internet.anywhere else. Wednesday August 19, 2009, pm Beastiality is legal in 23 US states - from Alaska to Wyoming. I think maybe you have some serious head problems!!! But it's unbelievable cruelty when you kiss or have sex with them?

2)It is a proven fact that people who practice this....behavior if you will. Wednesday August 19, 2009, pm You signed this petition on Aug 19 and emailed the following representatives: Jane Harman , Richard Shelby , Jeff Sessions , Barack Obama , Jeffrey Mc Laughlin , Elwyn Thomas , Jeremy Oden , Robert Aderholt and Frank Mc Daniel Thanks Cher Wednesday August 19, 2009, pm Can anyone watch that and say,that there should be absolutely no censorship of the internet? I'm wondering if he was the one that put the sick zoosexual petition on. So chopping animals in pieces and wearing their skins and eating their flesh is ok to do without their consent.

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Since Muhammad married a 6 year old girl when he was 51, this is Sunnah (example).

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