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Stay tuned for a big Thursday on Capitol Hill: Yesterday, we mentioned the "no" stance adopted by Rep.Fred Upton as a potentially ominous sign for the chances of House Republicans managing to pass the American Health Care Act, which would repeal and replace much of Obamacare. Billy Long from Missouri, whose daughter has been battling cancer, coming out against the existing bill.It would thus move us closer to a system in which people would be able to buy renewable catastrophic coverage, and without subjecting such policies to disadvantages compared with other types of insurance...[Republicans] are going to continue to face conflicting pressures from different groups of voters for years to come.They need to find a way to pull the health-care system back from the centralizing path on which Obamacare put it.

Here's one of President Obama's most infamous spinmeisters, who bragged about misleading journalists and the public while creating an "echo chamber" in support of the previous administration's policies, complaining that Paul Ryan is "lying" to the American people.The House is slated for recess Thursday until May 16.But on Wednesday morning, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said a vote is now possible as soon as Saturday.How very rich: One can make an argument that the GOP bill might not offer sufficiently generous protections to a limited number of people with pre-existing conditions living in specific states, but Ryan's assessment is far from a lie.For reference, a bona fide healthcare lie might entail, say, telling millions of people that they could keep their plans and doctors when you knew that wasn't true. No matter what form it ultimately takes, the Republican plan will necessarily have trade-offs, with an overarching goal of enhancing consumers' array of coverage options, including more affordable plans.

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