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There are profile pictures that are taken with a camera phone in front of a mirror, perhaps on a good hair day or before a night out with friends.Then, there are pictures that are thoughtfully composed, well lit and offer a glimpse into the subject’s personality or interests.If using an on-camera flash, you can wrap some wax paper around it to create a softer effect or even use a plain sheet of white printer paper to soften and redirect the light.If using a Speedlite, you can either angle it away from the subject towards a wall or ceiling, which should be white or as close to white in color and roughly 10 feet away.

Each profile consists of basic information, her story about herself, her ideas of a perfect partner, her hobbies, age criteria, and relationship goals.

There should not be anyone else in the photo, except for you, and the context should be appropriate.

As most dating profile pictures will show up as a small thumbnail, it’s practical to have a nice close-up of your face and maybe some torso in the shot, leaving as little empty space as possible.

You may experience issues with red-eye while using flash, which can be combatted with the Red-Eye Reduction feature available on many of Canon’s current line of EOS DSLR and Power Shot cameras.

If you prefer using natural light, avoid direct sunlight for its harshness.

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Be mindful of which lens you choose to shoot with, as wider lenses may cause distortion and can possibly unflatter some facial features like a nose or ears and even create a fishbowl effect.

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