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2-piece, empty Remington 12 gauge NITRO CLUB, WETPROOF, GROUSE LOAD, shot shell box. End label with Grouse has left side chipping as well as the other end with the gun is chipped. Box is shrink wrapped.empty Browning 12 gauge 50 POWER, 2 3/4 INCH, shot shell box. Includes (1) Hawthorne 22 Long Box by Montgomery Ward Co. Thanks for looking Rare Vintage Weatherby .460 .256 Magnum EMPTY Ammo Boxes W Elephant And Tiger Both boxes are empty other than the cardboard insert with writing on them inside. See photos for conditionlot of (2) empty 22 caliber cartridge boxes by Montgomery Ward & Sears Roebuck.There are a few toughies in this lot that include a Whiz Bang short, a CIL Super Clean, a Remington UMC .22 Automatic ungreased, a Wards .22 short, Peters Target, Superior Cartridges Fast Flight, a Sta Klean and a Remington .22 Klay Bird box to name a few.These 24 boxes would make a great addition to any serious .22 cartridge box collection.

Remington Kleanbore 22 boxes They are in near mint condition.

Vintage empty factory 50 round cardboard box for a .44 AMP Auto Mag, 240 gr. Box shows light scuffing all around, colors are bright, no tears in cardboard, has original cardboard liner, flaps are secure.

One small tape mark on upper right front to hold on price tag. lot of (2) shotshell boxes including (1) ELEY and (1) ICIL. Both boxes have nice graphics and are clean and tight. Loaded by: SELBY SMELTING & LEAD CO., SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. This is a fairly rare box, pretty square, shows good subject matter and better the average color.

Good kiln gun shell boxes are harder to find than the actual shells. WINCHESTER GUN CLUB SUPER FERRO TARGET LOAD AND WINCHESTER GUN CLUB LOADS SHOTGUN SHELL BOXES, 12GA, EMPTY-NO SHELLS, COLLECTIBLE. The other box was: Made Exclusively for WINCHESTER Public Shooting Centers. Here is an unusual representative example to add to your collection. Scarce early Winchester .22 short cartridge box.100 rds.


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