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Otto Heckmann was nominated as the organisation's first director general on 1 November 1962.

A preliminary proposal for a convention of astronomy organisations in these five countries was drafted in 1954.

At the time, all reflector telescopes with an aperture of 2 metres or more were located in the northern hemisphere.

ESO began its design in early 2006, and aimed to begin construction in 2012.

Each year about 2,000 requests are made for the use of ESO telescopes, for four to six times more nights than are available.

opens with “Never Coming Back,” a frightening crescendo of group vocals, vertiginous guitar work, and bassist Dion Lunadon’s unrelenting bass. “You make these decisions in your life…you’re contemplating whether or not this will be the end.

You think of your mortality, those moments you could die and what that means.

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