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Locke's mother admitted that she had worked with Cooper to con Locke into donating his kidney.Cooper moved in an attempt to get away from Locke, who was stalking him, but John managed to find his new home.Locke volunteered to give his father one of his kidneys.However, after the surgery, Locke woke to find Cooper had already checked himself out of the hospital.If true, Anthony could have been born as early as 1924 and as old as 80 when he died.

Ben informed Locke that he could not become a full member of their group until he made a definitive break with his past--by murdering Cooper.Locke waited outside his house nearly every day in his car.Eventually Anthony opened the car door and got in, telling Locke that he knew he'd been stalking him and wanted it to stop, finally telling him, "Don't come back; you're not wanted." Helen eventually convinced John to move on, and he and Anthony were out of contact for a while.He remembers being put in an ambulance, where one of the paramedics smiled at him, receiving some kind of injection, and then waking up gagged and tied to a chair on The Island.When Locke arrived at the Barracks, Ben told him about a "magic box" on the Island that could grant wishes and later asked Locke if he wished to see what Ben had found inside.

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He told Cooper that Peter was aware of the con and threatened to tell Mrs. John went to Anthony's apartment to confront him over the death, but Anthony said he had nothing to do with it. His actions make it very likely that he did kill Peter Talbot.

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