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Yet there was some hesitation from them in admitting to it, probably because of its reputation in the US and Europe as a place only for hookups.

There’s a joke among millennials about using dating apps, and the tagline says, ‘I’m willing to lie about how we met.’ So yes, they seek serendipity but it better be instant.

So these apps are a good way to find like-minded people,” she says.

A 27-year-old friend of a colleague who lives in Mumbai says she moved to dating apps because she is actively looking to find her Mr Right and ‘settle down’.Almost all his friends are using or have used dating apps; the girls though, are not so forthcoming in admitting that. These three words best define the new dating paradigm.By now most of the liquid in their glasses is consumed and the volume of the music is pumped up. If you are looking for a date you can get it instantly.“I tried matrimonial sites a couple of years ago, but found that the men there are guarded and ask you questions probably their parents want to ask like wanting to see my horoscope,” she says. We communicated over Whats App, finding out things about each other and then he suggested we meet.” On their first date, he turned up late at the coffee shop but quickly charmed her into staying back.“He was openly flirting with me.She went on three different dates through three different dating apps. Taking my hands in his, running his fingers through my hair.

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A 24-year-old Mumbai-based woman, introduced to me through a mutual friend, echoes Nagaswami’s views.

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