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The fulfillment and pleasure attracted out of such encounter will really become more pleasant and unforgettable for you throughout your life-time.Girl one of the most finest creature created by god who has the power to make any one happy just by passing a sweet and innocent smile and the way she can make your life complete and perfect can not be describe by any one.But I’m cautiously hopeful that now we’ve rattled the MD’s cage, we’ll eventually see some action.Of course, it would be unfair to single out one company for this scandalous national deterioration in service.In the event, it has been a monumental task which has so far taken four engineers — although all but one haven’t actually bothered even to attend my property.Initially, an engineer was booked to come at the end of August, although no one explained why we would have to wait so long.With respect to the Infinity Broadband, I believe I must get you connected immediately to the Infinity Order Management Team.Miss Davies, I would like to connect you to the relevant team.’Eventually someone answers and the whole charade is repeated again, until I ask to speak to a supervisor who assures me he will deal with the problem — then leaves me hanging on the line for 15 minutes before I give up and sob gently.

Explanations were rarely given, and when they were it appeared that the yellow line on the road outside our property had flummoxed several engineers who had not been told that there was parking at the rear of the property (as we’d explicitly advised). None of the options it spews out seems to relate to the reason you are calling, and you are left tumbling through the system until finally you reach a human.

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Sadly, corporate complacency and contempt for customers have become the rule rather than the exception.

A 'Japanese only' hotel, which allegedly did not entertain Indians and other foreign nationals in its restaurant, has been closed down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation (GBCC) on charges of racial discrimination.

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