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I used to listen to her and talk to her on the phone for hours just trying to help her out.

She got pregnant in that relationship and when the boyfriend found out he just fled......

Roll on spring time 2018.’The couple’s friends and family were quick to congratulate them on their happy news.Yes, it's wonderful to have the child growing with in, but sometimes depressing to feel so akward, and have no clothes that I great time to show her that she is the most special woman you have ever met :) Does great things for her self confidence. As sweetshaker said, if there are complications, the doctor will probably say no. Some of the best sex I ever had was when I was pregnant. The doctor will let you know if it is too risky in her situation.I did it until the last month, when I was just too big and it wasn't comfortable - and then when I couldn't, all those hormones had me masturbating twice a day! I'm the father of five beautiful children and we made love right up to the day she had the babies.At first she wasn't too sure if it was safe or not to but a trip to the doc's soon solved that.

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it's possible to have sex right up to the last minute without hurting the baby, but most women are a little too uncomfortable in the last few weeks.

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