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It is possible that Spanish explorers arrived in the Hawaiian Islands in the 16th century—200 years before Captain James Cook's first documented visit in 1778.Ruy López de Villalobos commanded a fleet of six ships that left Acapulco in 1542 bound for the Philippines with a Spanish sailor named Juan Gaetano aboard as pilot. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, occupying most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. The archipelago is physiographically and ethnologically part of the Polynesian subregion of Oceania. In the Hawaii Admission Act that granted Hawaiian statehood, the federal government recognized Hawaii as the official state name. state names exists since the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1789. The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic activity initiated at an undersea magma source called the Hawaii hotspot. state located in Oceania and the only one composed entirely of islands. At the southeastern end of the archipelago, the eight main islands are—in order from northwest to southeast: Nii Island" to avoid confusion with the state or archipelago. The state's coastline is about 750 miles (1,210 km) long, the fourth longest in the U. after the coastlines of Alaska, Florida, and California. Hawaii, along with Alaska, does not border any other U. Across the archipelago are around 130 small rocks and islets, such as Molokini, which are either volcanic, marine sedimentary or erosional in origin.Cook published the islands' location and rendered the native name as Owyhee. It was named after three native Hawaiian members of a trapping party who went missing in that area.The Owyhee Mountains were also named for them.u's supporters fought back, killing Cook and four marines as Cook's party retreated along the beach to their ship. After Cook's visit and the publication of several books relating his voyages, the Hawaiian islands attracted many European visitors: explorers, traders, and eventually whalers, who found the islands to be a convenient harbor and source of supplies.The silver glow around the southwest of the islands is the result of calmer waters.Hawaii's climate is typical for the tropics, although temperatures and humidity tend to be less extreme because of near-constant trade winds from the east.

Hawaii has two national parks: Haleakalā National Park located near Kula on the island of Maui, which features the dormant volcano Haleakalā that formed east Maui, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in the southeast region of the Hawai A true-color satellite view of Hawaii shows that most of the vegetation on the islands grows on the northeast sides which face the wind.

Early British influence can be seen in the design of the flag of Hawai Native Hawaiians had no resistance to Eurasian diseases, such as influenza, smallpox and measles.

By 1820, disease, famine and wars between the chiefs killed more than half of the Native Hawaiian population.

Depending on the interpretation, Gaetano's reports describe an encounter with either Hawaii on their way to Manila.

The exact route was kept secret to protect the Spanish trade monopoly against competing powers.

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