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The Czech businesswoman and former model has written four memoirs, with the latest out this year. Keep up with this story and more On January 13, 1997, Stern and Trump bantered about Ivana's lawsuit against the company that sold her a million boat. Trump: What people don't know, Ivana calls me constantly. Trump: I asked her not to buy it, don't buy it, but once you buy it you have it. Trump: Now you don't knock the hell out of it, so now it's got zero value. Isn't it the ultimate trip to have a wife or a woman change your whole physical appearance just to keep you, Donald Trump. You know how people have personal soundtracks, the songs that tell their story or influenced their life along the way as if they were written expressly for them?That notion might carry a little extra weight with Mandy Moore ."We're like very, very close friends," she told Andy Cohen. We can still be friends." and while hosting her own daily MTV show, the barely 17-year-old star was rumored to be dating MTV VJ Brian Mc Fayden, who's about eight years older. She was there cheering Roddick on when he won the U. But breaking up was "a bummer," the icing on a "really bad cake.

Robin Quivers (Stern's co-host): You're saying she's not a good businessman? Stern: You know, I'm sitting on a plane, I see this , and they got Ivana, and I'm—Trump: This is another thing. Stern: And you're doing well, you were here, you remarried, your marriage is successful. What I will do is, I won't call the man in the book the Donald, I'll call him the Ronald. Trump: If there was a judge with courage—and I heard you saying this once on your morning show, in your radio show—if there were a judge with courage, they would give me that million back. She's walking around, she doesn't care what she looks like. Any woman, if you give her million, you don't have to say she's a good woman. Asked how he "got" such beautiful women, he said, "I'll be completely honest with you, I think hopefully maybe you can tell a little bit, but the fact of the matter is, you know, half of this industry is not real..." He was sort of trying to make a point but they directed the conversation back to Moore.Valderrama recalled meeting her when she was doing a shoot for the cover of magazine."We were each other's first loves..." and then the room exploded into Howard, Artie Lange and Robin Quivers glomming onto him with the virginity question."You know things don't really work out that way," Valderrama, who you can almost hear blushing, said when Stern presented him with a super-ridiculous scenario of how that went down.

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“I love you so much and this show’s meant so much to both of us.

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