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Upon retiring from the army, some of these men found their pensions to be inadequate.

She says online dating, which is basically shopping for a mate while sitting alone at your computer, runs counter to the "collectivist, family-based" South Asian communities, but that these sites offer a "safe place" to try it out.

"They drop their children off and sort of lurk around a little bit. Parfitt is careful about cultural sensitivities, but draws the line at caste, which isn't one of the criteria at the events: "It doesn't fit very comfortably with me because it's based on a pecking order." Asked whether he thinks it's right to segregate daters, Mr.

It's our job to put them at ease and let them know that what we're doing is a dating event and that it's all about expanding your social circle and has got nothing to do with sex. Parfitt said, "Initially, we were a little leery of offering events based on ethnicity.

Saikia said most users don't base their choices on caste, but religion.

The company recently teamed up with Fast Life International, which organizes speed dating and singles' events around the world.

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"Unlike the very individual orientation of white people, [with]people from South Asia, the boy looks at the girl, the girl looks at the boy, but they also look at the two families.

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