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On RAINN’s website, we have tried to select the most reliable source of statistics for each topic.

The primary data source we use is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), which is an annual study conducted by the Justice Department.

To conduct NCVS, researchers interview tens of thousands of Americans each year to learn about crimes that they’ve experienced.

Masturbating, “sexual inspiration”, and killing time were the reasons given to use pornography.

From a survey taken by Robert Weiss, a counselor who works with sex addiction.

A survey of 487 male college students by researchers at the University of Arkansas found that the more young men watched porn, the more likely they were to use it during sex and request pornographic acts from their partner.

65% agreed that porn was harmful, 82% that it degraded women, and 76% agreed that porn use leads to sexual addiction.

Trinidad Express, October 18, 2014A survey by Canadian researchers shows that U. states with the greatest religious and politically conservative affiliation are apt to search the most for sex online.

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From infants to the elderly, it affects people in all stages of life.

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