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Within 24 hours, the letters began accumulating in "Michael's" inbox.

Again, most of the women in the photographs looked like professional models.

Chat pop-ups for "John" didn't start as immediately as for "Michael", but once they did (after about a day), they were similarly incessant, and equally implausible.

All of the above points strongly to scamming - that deceptive letters are sent out without regard for any particular qualities of their recipients (other than having money to spend).

He is also gain command in all kala jadu tona and cast a powerful black magic spells to help those people who are facing problems in their life.

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Credits could be bought at varying rates depending on how many you bought at a time, ranging from per ten credits to per ten credits.A sample of some of the first few messages "Michael" received, along with my commentary, if any, in grey, follows.I did not take screenshots of any of these chat pop-ups, but you don't have to take them on faith - you can perform the same experiment that I did, and see for yourself that these are the sort of messages that you receive.Many of the letter writers purported to have read "Michael's" profile, in which he solicited messages from scammers only - yet here they were messaging him anyway.This is damning enough as it is, but I've got an even better actual smoking gun to present afterwards, so read on for that.

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