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Example – if you had £20,000 available you could split this to account for your needs, such as paying: £5,000 into Easy Access £5,000 into 1 Year Fixed Rate £10,000 into 2 Year Fixed Rate Please note, the products or rates of interest available can be changed or withdrawn at any time.

There's a risk that the product, or rate of interest you want, will no longer be available by the time funds are received if you are consolidating them in the Holding Account.

What happens if you incur a breakage charge If the interest you've earned does not cover the breakage charge, then you'll get back less than you invested.

Your savings will be placed here when products are closed, such as at the end of the term of a fixed rate product.

You can use the Holding Account for: You can only fund some products with a single deposit within the AA ISA (such as fixed rate products).

If you already have an existing ISA with another provider you can transfer it to your AA ISA.

Transferring funds from a previous tax year's ISA will not affect your limit for this tax year. This means that the interest paid to you will be free of UK income tax and capital gains tax.

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