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Due Saturday, she said the news was a blow, even though she was expecting it.

Copy editor Glenn Ericksen, a P-I staffer for nearly 25 years, said he had mixed feelings about the closure.

Most recently working as a copy editor, he said, "I'm sad the print product will go away.

It's the end of an era, and I'm not sure it's a good thing." He said the Web "lowers the standard of literacy all around. " Normally stoic business wire editor Maren Hunt cried at her desk. "I thought I had already moved on and I think you just can't when it happens like this.

That's a lot of history." Attorney Anne Bremner, co-chairwoman of the Committee for a Two-Newspaper Town, e-mailed, "What a terribly sad day this is.

This really makes me sad, and I knew it was coming.

Everyone knew it was coming." Employees will get severance packages worth about two weeks pay per year worked.

The separation of the two entities was "amicable," Swartz said.

Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen responded to news of the closure in an e-mailed letter, writing: "Though The Seattle Times and the Seattle P-I have been fiercely competitive, we find no joy in the loss of any journalistic voice.

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