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“Cord cutting,” getting rid of your traditional cable box, and “cord nevering,” younger folks who opt to bypass cable altogether, are buzzwords that have put cable companies and television executives into a state of hysteria.They want to protect business models that have been lucrative since the boob tube was invented, and for good reason.Both the Direc TV and Dish Network websites are unclear when it comes to the full cost of bundle, so I’d recommend giving them a call.After chatting with Direc TV, they offered me the lowest tier of the television service, 145 channels with three months of the premium movie package (HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax), along with bundled internet service from the internet provider in my area, Version Fios, for .95.When you watch television, which channels are you most frequently watching? sports, news, political debates, or catching the season premiere of Real Housewives of Wherever the Fuck in real time matter to you? Truthfully answering these questions is the best indicator of whether snipping is the right move for you rather than me dismissing the value of cable companies altogether.

Included in the deal is internet service with speeds of 50 Mbps, which is good for 3-5 devices at once.

Factoring in that a comprehensive list of all the affordable packages across the country would be a massive headache, I have a few examples of how you can begin to repair your holy union with your cable provider.

To keep it simple, I took at look at the best available deals from some of the major cable and satellite companies.

Before I begin outlining all the ways to get around cable, you need to know that divorce is only one option here.

I’m not doing my job if I make this an all-out assault on the cable providers, especially because some companies are taking steps to diversify their television packages into affordable tiers while incorporating the luxuries of the streaming world.

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  1. If they get your email and see one big wall of long text often people shrug and move on to the next email (see point 2 again — if you give an action up front and make it bold they will get hooked in and at least know what you expect).