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Getting married wasn't going to be good for either of us." In his book, Jimmy Connors has written about a time in our relationship that was very personal and emotionally painful.I am extremely disappointed that he used the book to misrepresent a private matter that took place 40 years ago and made it public, without my knowledge.

I was a little bit a mess then." But she has never chosen to speak about her relationship with Connors or the reason that it ended. Due to debates around personhood, when life begins, and women's right to their bodily autonomy, abortion is a personal decision that is both constantly politicized and discussed in terms of the morality of the person who chooses to get an abortion.

One in three women in the United States will have an abortion in her lifetime, and yet there is a feeling in our country that those who have abortions should feel bad about it.

Anti-abortion activists talk about abortion as "murder" and they claim that there is something called "post-abortion syndrome" (there is no scientific evidence that this syndrome exists).

And it is normally around some kind of commentary that she makes news these days, but mainly only within the tennis-watching community.

But Jimmy Connors, a former romantic partner and himself a retired successful U. tennis player, has thrust Evert into the national spotlight recently against her will.

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