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You can be lesbians if you want, but re-read what the very first answer stated, "try not have oral or genital sex"! that is laughable, what she is indirectly saying is, go straight, or just hold hands, because what else can 2 women do together?It's been proven in studies and by doctors that yes, it is more common among lesbians to have constant BV than heterosexual partners, just like Aids was more common among gay men, due to anal sex. I seem to have almost continuous Bacterial Vaginosis.I've tried everything to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. First of all, understand that having BV is NOTHING to do with your personal cleanliness.It is the best & it has has probiotics,zinc, all the vitamines, etc... Also whats good is it clears away the smell as well. I had BV and my husband had some strange undiagnosed problem last year from Aug- March.We did not touch each other for at least 5 months because we were so afraid to keep passing it.Last year I overdosed on every probiotic strain I could find after just taking 1 or 2 a day and that finally took care of it. Now insert one pill daily at night use an unscented tampong to keep it from falling out. Now once you are cured, make sure to watch your sugar! If you need to douch after period or whatever use warm water with a little hint off organic apple cider vinegar. I went to my dentist to confirm my suspicions and had read a few remedies she might prescribe but she said she didn't want to give me anything that would throw off my balance anymore.

If anyone else has suggestions for Samantha, do comment.

I hope the site admin just deletes this whole thread thanks to you few know it alls. But having said that, there will not be any "gay bashing" allowed. I don't want to censor this thread but please keep it on track about bv and things that might help.

Take your opinions of lesbians and keep them to yourselves. The best way 4 me 2 get rid of BV was to buy over the counter supplements called Multibionita.

She later has a terrible yeast infection, why is this?

because we as woman have a set of bacteria in us, good and bad, and when they come out of balance or are overrun, you can get BV, Yeast infections etc.

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